BioPoly® Expands into Poland

February 27, 2015
FORT WAYNE, IN – BioPoly, LLC continues European expansion of its Partial Resurfacing Knee (femoral condyle) System with the first surgeries in Poland now complete. The unique hydrophilic properties of the proprietary BioPoly® material allow it to be used to replace painful cartilage defects in patients' knees.
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BioPoly Enters Germany and Italy

July 25, 2014
FORT WAYNE, IN – German and Italian surgeons enter the ranks of BioPoly™ RS Partial Resurfacing Knee users. In recent weeks, surgeons from Germany and Italy successfully performed their respective country’s first BioPoly Partial Resurfacing Knee implantations. The surgeries were accomplished by world-class surgeons who recognized BioPoly as the solution for the treatment of osteochondral lesions in the knee.
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BioPoly Trains European Surgeons with its Partial Resurfacing Knee Implant System

June 6, 2014
FORT WAYNE, IN – Twenty-four (24) surgeons from the UK, France, Germany, and Austria recently completed training for the CE-marked BioPoly RS Partial Resurfacing Knee Implant surgical technique. This training was accomplished in Bristol, UK and Salzburg, Austria. Both training sessions included presentations from experienced BioPoly surgeons and hands-on training in cadaver lab settings.
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Me and My Knee Operation: Tiny Cushion in your knee that helps you avoid drastic surgery

May 23, 2014
A new cartilage patch means patients with arthritis can avoid a total knee replacement. John Cronin, 65, an airline sales agent from East Preston, West Sussex, had operation, as he tells CAROL DAVIS.
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BioPoly™ Raises $5M for European Commercialization of Its Orthopaedic Products

February 9, 2014
FORT WAYNE, IN - BioPoly LLC, a Schwartz Biomedical company, announced today that it has fully subscribed its latest round of equity financing ($5M). BioPoly received regulatory approval (i.e. CE mark) to sell its unique knee resurfacing devices in Europe, and has been successfully implanting in patients for more than 2 years. Expansion of product sales into additional European countries is in process, as well as launching into select countries outside the European Union.
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Functional outcomes at 18 months after treatment of a femoral condyle chondral lesion with a novel permanent defect replacement implant (BioPoly™ RS Partial Resurfacing Knee): a case report

October 1, 2013
A 47 year old female reported for consultation with complaints of pain in the medial aspect of the knee. The patient was an otherwise healthy individual with a BMI of 22 and no concomitant health problems, who was active in recreational sports such as running and skiing prior to experiencing knee problems.
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